Sunday, May 17, 2009

Phoenix Rising Mural

This weekend we finished a mural called Phoenix Rising at the San Diego Cooperative Charter School, a unique public school that includes classes in art, music and Spanish for every child. I designed it in a simple graphic style as I wanted it to be painted by children, teachers and families. That's the school's art teacher Miss Allison Bell jumping up and down when we made it happen. This was the second mural I've volunteered to create for this inspiring public school under the leadership of a dedicated principal Dr. Wendy Ranck-Buhr. I spent a week applying the grid and tracing the design out on the 108 foot long surface that wrapped around the art room. Together with parent and school volunteers we painted the outlines and children filled in the spaces with vivid colors. The painting of this mural was a fulfillment of a promise I made during the election to take action with my artwork. The phoenix is the mascot of the school and I thought a strong metaphor to express the new spirit of collective change that is sweeping the country. I want to thank all the visionaries who made Phoenix Rising possible especially Allison, Celestina, Steven, Danny, Paul, Candice and the amazing children of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School.

To see a you tube video created by designer/illustrator Steven Morris about the mural please go to this link: Phoenix Rising Mural

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paulchiba said...

It was an honor just to watch you work and create such beauty. We are so fortunate to have you in our community. Thank you for giving our children a more beautiful place to explore life. Thank you mostly for your kindness and friendship.

Martihuerta said...

¡Felicidades Rafa! Simplemente genial
Pepe Martinez