Monday, September 29, 2008

OBAMA Nuestra Voz

For Latino Heritage month I wanted to create a poster celebrating Barack Obama that I hope will speak to fellow Latinos about a man I believe has vision and leadership. The piece is painted on a piece of wood that has been sanded as I wanted it to be textural with authentic cultural iconography. Hearing him speak I keep thinking to myself here is someone I can relate to, someone who can be a genuine voice for the issues we face in America and around the world.
Nuestra Voz.

I paint it for my young son Santiago as Obama represents the hope I have for his future. For my wife who teaches at San Diego City College, an urban community college and for her students because Obama knows that education is the open door that changes lives and he will make it a priority. Both my parents were born in Mexico and were architects and teachers who taught me to be a world citizen. I believe this nation is part of a global community and Obama can change the negative perceptions that cloud the future as he is a man of ideas who values and understands the social, economic and cultural issues of our time.

It is my hope that people will use the image to reach out to Latinos and others. We need to get everyone registered to vote so their voice can be heard as there is a bilingual voter registration site at that is easy to use. Barack Obama is the son of immigrants and shares the values of our Latino community. I'm counting on others to use the image to spread the word that Obama speaks for us. PLEASE USE THE NUESTRA VOZ IMAGE IN ANY WAY YOU CAN TO SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN.

UPDATE: You can view the official poster I created VOZ UNIDA for ARTISTS FOR OBAMA at the Obama/Biden website at
I'm happy to report that it quickly sold out and raised $60,000 for the final push to election day.

These last days before the election are critical so please step up and do your part by telling anyone you know to order a poster. We are still actively sending posters to campaign workers in swing states. Posters have already gone out to Colorado, Florida, Ohio, New Mexico and Nevada. If you are a campaign worker or supporter who can help us get out the Latino vote who needs posters please email me via my website at

If you have a moment check out this great video for inspiration and spread the word...


Michael said...

I work at a print center and would LOVE to print a couple of these posters to put up. would you be willing to send me a larger size poster so i may be able to print it larger?

Jared said...

I'd love to buy a print if they are ever available. thx

soulbrotha said...

Put me down for a print too!

freepam said...

This is incredible. I have translated it into a button for the campaign and will be making some up today for them to sell locally here in S CA.
Thank you so much,

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poster Rafael! Thanks for your great work. I hope you don't mind I've posted a link to your website on my site.

Dawn Putney said...

I distributed 24 copies of the poster in Fort Collins, CO -- to the Latinos for Obama organizer. Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

Ruben Cayetano Flores said...

Rafael, your work is simply amazing. Is it possible to order a larger size poster (24 x 36 inches)?

Wordopolis said...

Mr. López, I would love to buy a print of this poster from you. Please make more copies available!!!!!

Much love,

Loren Rye

Luis Garcia said...

I have a mint condition print signed by Rafael himself if interested email me luisrgarcia8133 @